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Thank Military Families Christmas Program, 2013

As our military men and women selflessly serve around the world this holiday season, many of their families here on the home front are struggling just to make ends meet while Dad or Mom is away.  So, unfortunately their children wake up with little to no gifts on Christmas well as the pain of a parent being gone over the holidays.

Our 'Adopt a Family' Christmas program joins individuals, groups and businesses with military families in need.  We work with with military families going through significant financial hardship and substantial challenges beyond their control.  Most of the families approved for our program are in the midst of deployment over the holidays, but in certain cases we also help families of wounded veterans and other troops at home but in very difficult circumstances making it impossible to provide Christmas gifts for their children.

Approving families for our program involves a careful, thorough screening process.  Among other requirements each family must have multiple references from respected sources such as superior officers, military chaplains, Family Readiness Group leaders, etc.  Each reference fills out a form explaining why they believe the family is a good fit for our program.  Families in the most need go to the top of our priority list.

From The Families...

"My husband is on his second Iraq tour and we couldn't be more honored.  But we, once again, had to spend our Christmas fund on expenses and supplies for him to return to Iraq.  It is a tough burden to have to tell your loved one, who is fighting in a war, that he can either call home every other day or pay for Christmas gifts for our kids.  But Thank Military Families provided gifts and stockings for each of our kids as well as many other military families in need!"

-Brandee, Army Wife & Mom, Fort  Bragg

"I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelmed we are by the gifts we were given for our children.  I didn't really know what to expect when I filled out the information you requested.  Even a card would have been a welcome blessing.  I can't describe how it felt when I opened the box and saw what was inside.  This was far more than we ever expected.  Thank you so much!"

-Stacy, Fort Hood, TX

"We were in the middle of being transferred and I was pained at the thought of our children having nothing to open on Christmas morning.  But Thank Military Families sent us gifts for our kids and I could not thank them enough!"

-Leah, Proud Navy Wife & Mom

Included below is information on the process of adopting and shopping for a military family if you choose to take on this project.  Once you have a military family to adopt for Christmas you can shop for them with the help of info from the parents and then send your gifts directly to the family.  The number of gifts you purchase and the amount you spend is completely up to you.  These families are truly grateful for every gesture of appreciation.  All we ask is that, if you are sponsoring more than one child, you send an equal number of gifts for each child.

-The gifts should not be wrapped.  This allows the parents to see exactly what their children are receiving.

-Gift cards are great for older children.  But they are also a good gift option if you prefer to just mail gift cards instead of shipping gifts.  The parents can use them to buy gifts for the kids.

-You  are welcome to send a gift or gift card for the parents but this is not  expected or required.  The parents in our program are grateful just to  know their children will have Christmas gifts.

-To keep the shipping process as easy and cost-effective as possible just remember that great gifts don't have to be large in size.  We also have a shipping tips page we will send you to help with mailing your gifts.

-Because of time constraints we are unable to match up local families this year. We are a very small team serving many families in a very limited time frame so the time it takes to match based on location just is not possible this year.

-Once you are matched with a family we will send you the information and ideas from the parents.  These are just suggestions.  Buying these specific gifts or the amount of things listed is not a requirement.  But this is very helpful in learning more about the children you are adopting and what they like.  So it is useful in the shopping process.

-Large retail websites like Amazon are great options for sponsors who prefer ordering gifts  online and having them shipped directly to the family.

Words just cannot convey the gratitude these families have to know that a complete stranger truly values the sacrifices they make for our country, enough to make sure their children have gifts to open on Christmas morning.  They will want to send a thank you to the people who adopted their family and touched their lives.


Click here to fill out our sponsorship form and adopt a military family for Christmas.


If you have any questions please contact Amanda by e-mailing

"We owe our military men and women all we can give them.  We owe their families...especially the children...even more."  -The USO

'Adopt a Family' in the News


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Coloring books,  children's crafts and arts supplies make great gifts for children of deployed troops.  Military kids often use these supplies to make and send things to their deployed parent.


Gift cards to large chain stores like Wal-Mart and Target are also great donations for military families.  If you're short on time, gift cards are easy and inexpensive to mail, and the parents use them to buy Christmas gifts for their children.