Thank Military Families

Thank The Troops...But Thank Their Families Too


Many military children wake up with little to no gifts on Christmas morning because their families are struggling to make ends meet. For so many of these heroic families the holidays can be a stressful, disappointing time...especially for families of troops deployed over Christmas.

So, to say thank you to the families of deployed service men and women for their invaluable sacrifices, we launched a special program to help provide Christmas gifts for military families in need. 2013 marks our 7th year connecting individuals, businesses and groups with military families in need for the holidays.

Sponsors Wanting to Adopt:

To learn more about adopting a military family for Christmas, please visit our Adopt a Family page and sponsorship form.

Military Families:

We have currently reached max capacity for families applying or nominated to be adopted. However, if we have enough sponsors willing to participate, we plan to do an after-Christmas gift card donation program. So check back later for news on that.


An Update from TMF's Founder (11/26/13):

Due to a personal emergency I'm not able to do quite as much for Thank Military Families at the moment as I normally do, and since I do most of the leg work to process applications and match up families and sponsors, this has obviously slowed us down.

Sponsors: If you need to move on to another organization we completely understand. If you are still wanting to stick with us we are doing everything possible to get you matched with a family.

Military families: We are working to place as many families with sponsors as possible. But if we are unable to match any of the families who have already registered you will be put on our list for our after-Christmas gift card program.

We appreciate your understanding! To learn more about how we began and how we operate, please visit our site and click on "The Thank Military Families Story."

With gratitude,
Amanda Cromley


To learn more about how Thank Military Families began or for information on our non-profit, visit the Thank Military Families Story Page.

"We owe our military men and women all we can give them.  We owe their families...especially the children...even more."  -The USO

“My husband is on his second Iraq tour and we couldn’t be more honored.  Still, money is very tight and it is a tough burden to have to tell your loved one, who is fighting a war, that he can either call home every other day or pay for Christmas gifts for our kids.  But Thank Military Families provided gifts and stockings for each of our kids as well as many other military families in need.”

-Brandee, Army Wife & Mom


It is a helpless feeling to be deployed thousands of miles away from your family and know that you can't afford Christmas gifts for your children.

While we can't bring our troops home for the holidays, we can help give these faithful heroes a sense of comfort by providing some Christmas morning fun for their kids.

Thank Military Families Founder Amanda with leading St. Louis news anchors John Pertzborn & Randi Naughton after a segment featuring the 'Adopt a Family' Christmas program.

We are grateful to our friends in the media who have helped spread the word about our nation's bravest families!